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Travel Publication

Project Focus

To design a publication with a specific focus.


Growing up in Europe, traveling was a huge part of my childhood. Designing a publication that captured the lifestyle and essence of Western Europe was so fun and a great way to give the photographs from my childhood a new life.

The Challenge

When naming the publication Absorb, there was an element of wanting the reader to be fully immersed in the content and culture. The publication needed to have a main spread and a secondary spread with completely different topics but being so united in design. The first article showcases how to cover Paphos, Cyprus, is a couple of days, and the second article focuses on the bausty of the French Riviera. 

Design Approach

With Absorb being a travel publication, the photographs are a crucial part of the messaging, so they need to be the center of the design. The elements stem from the nature that each place created, and the color palette also reflects that.

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