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Louise Nevelson

Artist Catalog

Project Focus

To design a chaptered book of Louise Nevelson's life and artwork.


Louise Nevelson was a sculptor that made vast wooden pieces that were painted in one color. She was a very small woman and carved these pieces all on her own. She continued to build until she was very old and each color takes the viewer through stages of her life. She used black, white and gold paint for the indoor sculptures and uses metal for outdoor sculptures that rusted overtime.

The Challenge

The book needed to be hand bound and everything to be made from paper and glue. Needed to create a visual representation of Nevelson's life and work in a way that shows how vast the pieces are on just a piece of paper.

Design Approach

The pages are wide so that the spreads are long for a normal book so that her epices can shine on the page and take up as much space as they need. The color palette is taken from her clothing and different colors that she surrounded herself with in her life. Everything was with nature that she had around her so the palette stayed very neutral with earthy wood tones. The blocks are all pulled from her sculptures and are grouped in how she did with each shelf that she made. The back has a small custom barcode of her face to show that she was so small in scale to her work but just as important.

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