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Back on My Feet

Rebrand and Brand Extension 

Project Focus

This project is not affiliated with Back on My Feet and was done as a rebrand and brand exploration


Back on My Feet is a non profit that helps rehabilitate the homeless through the power of running.
Their community involvement is important to Back on My Feet because the community relationship aids the members in wanting to better their lives though the program. These members have an amazing support system made up of volunteers and staff through the organization. 

The Challenge

The current brand was designed in 2007 and fit what they needed at the time. Now the organization has grown into 15 cities and continually growing adding on more every year. With more and more members joining throughout the country, they are in need of more resources to help their journeys. Many of these members are living in local facilities where a lot of the things might be borrowed, second hand or belonging to the facility. The work that goes into the program is second to none and they have so many resources that something was needed for the members to feel like they had something of their own and for them to have a tool that they can use beyond Back on My Feet.

Design Approach

The rebrand  focused on the use of a bright color palette, movement and a sense of community. In addition to the new brand, I was able to design a website home page, a member and volunteer bus stop recruitment campaign and an organizational binder for members that focuses on finances, planning and mental health. 

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