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Blend the Rules
Rigid Construction

Project Focus

To design a kit that is luxurious.


Hot chocolate kits are the easiest gift for someone you don't know what to get for the holidays. A cheesy mug, one drink's worth of hot chocolate powder, and some hard baby marshmallows in a plastic bag with a bow are usually what they all look like.

The Challenge

Trying to design the kit to make it luxurious. The research was done through different recipe books and tried to capture as many cultures as possible. What was needed inside of the box once the research was complete was a spice rack, recipe cards, spoons, and bags of cocoa powder at different coca percentages. There were restrictions on size and on what the physical box could be made from, but were allowed to have add-ons that made sense for the project. 

Design Approach

The pattern repeats hexagons that are nested inside one another. Hexagons symbolize harmony and balance and using it in this kit created a space where people can come to it for downtime. The color palette comes from each type of chocolate: dark, milk, and white. The pink is used as an accent color from being in a candy shop with all bright colors of sugar, making the person using the box feel like they can play and experiment with the flavors.

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