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Outdoor Voices
Knockdown Packaging

Project Focus

To design a knockdown packaging set.


Outdoor Voices is an athletic apparel brand that uses sustainable fabric alternatives as well as an eco friendly process of making their clothes. They are making athletic clothing for recreational use, which the younger generations are leaning toward. OV are very inclusive of all body types and have started to break the boundary of gendered clothing.

The Challenge

Outdoor Voices current packaging is very minimalistic. They are focused on reuse and recycling, so having that as part of the design was very important. It also needed to be knocked down completely flat when fully assembled so that it could minimize the carbon footprint when in transit. 

Design Approach

A sustainable package design is made from recyclable materials that can be recycled, composted, or reused. The handle of the bag is made from aluminum, which melts down easily when recycled properly and can detach from the bag to become a hanger for sports bras, t-shirts, or hats. The triangle boxes are stackable and have tearable lids to make storage more accessible. The package collection is entirely knockdown to take up less space when being transported, resulting in a cheaper cost and lowering the carbon footprint of the company. The color palette is pulled from their current vibrant blue color with more neutral blue tones to reflect their eco-friendly business approach. 

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