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Riverdale Title Sequence
Typographic Motion Graphic

Project Focus

To redesign a motion sequence for a popular televison show.


Riverdale is an American teen drama television series based on the characters of Archie Comics. The series follows a group of teenagers living in the town, of Riverdale. They are to solve the mystery of who is murdering people in Riverdale and learning who they can trust. They are recording their every move on a typewriter so that there is minimal trace of their findings.

The Challenge

The sequence needed to showcase the show's basic storyline and be a max of 10 seconds long.

Design Approach

The show is based on Archie Comics, and it focuses on one of the characters typing on a typewriter and that is how the story is being told. The start of the show is based on a death in their small town, Riverdale, and events just spiral on with the kids in the town becoming more invested in the history of all of the corruption that goes on.  The typeface is American Typewriter, and the color palette comes from aged paper, and the ink splats turn into blood from the murders. 

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