South Street Tattoo Culture

Informational Pamphlet

Project Focus

To design an informational pamphlet based on a popular area in Philadelphia.


South Street is located in Philadelphia, PA and is known for its growing restaurant, bar and tattoo culture. This brochure focuses on how the tattoo industry is growing on South Street. Inside is an interview with a local tattoo artist who talks about his experience starting his own shop, the sort of works he creates and the clients that he gets coming into the shop.

The Challenge

South Street is developing fast and has many cultures growing within it. The tattoo shops are growing quickly on and surrounding South Street so it felt like the the topic to focus on.

Design Approach

The classic tattoo lettering was used throughout the design. The black and white color pallette is based off of the start of tattoo art and that for a very long time, colored ink was not available. The very illustrative typography is also based off of the lettering that was used in gang tattoos which the culture grew from as a being an identifier as to where someone would be from. The photography is of South Street and how there are a blend of cultures surrounding the tattoo shops on the street.