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Heart Paper Sculpture
Cut Bristol Paper

Project Focus

To create a sculpture out of bristol paper that has a hidden letter of what the object is.

The Challenge

A heart made out of bristol paper and glue using hole punchers and different curling techniques. It was an exercise to learn about light and shadow and how depth can create such a high contrast. 

Design Approach

Each chamber of the heart creates different paper curls of different textures to show how they all work together. Each chamber works to push blood through the heart but has different functions to do. The different depths of the curled paper make the eye see darker shades of the paper, and it almost goes black, but only white paper is used throughout the project. The offset of the heart in the square represents where the person feels their heartbeat, slightly to the left of where the heart is in the body. The "h" for the heart is hidden in the sculpture's center to show balance in the body and being the center of it all.

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