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The Philadelphia School

Rebrand and Brand Extension

Project Focus

To rebrand The Philadelphia School with a redesigned logo and have a recruitment brand extension. 


The Philadelphia School is a local elementary private school in Rittenhouse, Philadelphia. TPS is a progressive school that wants to let the students take hold of their education. Through the rebrand, their uniqueness is shown in the photography and messaging that focuses on the children and their journey in early education. 

The Challenge

The school wanted to show how unique their program was and that the education was so much about the child and their own individual journey. They are very passionate about the child creating their education and them being able to express themselves freely.

Design Approach

The rebrand focused on the child and what they want to make out of their education journey. The question asked "What is your story?" was the base of the brand. It asked the question to the children of who are they and what do they want rather than the parents asking the questions about grades and statistics for moving onto high school and college. The children's projects are the focus of the design assets and they are gathered based on the current moments in their lives and how they express themselves.


Photography: Gabriella Lear and Caleigh Breton

Concept: Caleigh Breton

Web Banner: Iyana Yawwnis

Booklet and Postcard: Gabriella Lear

Poster: Caleigh Breton

Advisors: Mark Wille and Alexandra Perry

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